My name is Dr. Vladi Dvoyris, and I am a man of multiple careers… 

I inquire, research, consult and teach.

I boast extensive experience in managing various types of projects, and I am never afraid of asking difficult questions or tackling targets others would consider dangerous.

What can we do together?

  • Drop me a line if you have an innovative project you think I can help with.
  • Invite me for a lecture, in Israel or abroad.
  • Take a look at my LinkedIn profile, and find projects you can relate to.
  • Still don’t know if we fit together? Let’s have a drink and we’ll soon find out…



Currently working as the Director of Community and Marketing at the Coller Institute of Venture (Tel Aviv University), I am focusing on community relations and management, and the institute’s web-presence and social media marketing.
An MBA graduate (Technion, 2012) and a Doctor of Dental Medicine (Hebrew University, 2009), I professionally advised several medical and dental enterprises.
In addition, I am an avid lecturer and public speaker, speaking on innovation culture, marketing, and medical professional matters, and serving as an OPL for international companies.


  • “I am perpetually amazed at his unlimited ability to grow into leadership and succeed elegantly in every project he tackles. The best of the best.”
  • “I’ve never seen a manager that can turn his workers into an effective group with so little friction between them.”
  • “Vladi’s articles were beautifully inscribed and a pleasure to read, discuss and reflect upon.”


  • Dentsply-Sirona;
  • GlaxoSmithKline;
  • Dentalist.co;
  • Ditron Dental
  • Israeli TV Channels 1,2,10,8; ARD (Germany); Channel 4 (UK);
  • Tel Aviv University; and
  • The Open University of Israel;

among many others…


Contact me with interesting business projects and collaborations, consulting opportunities and speaking engagements. I’m open for suggestions!


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Internet and Social-Media Marketing - DO's and DON'Ts
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הרצאה עם שיניים
אמא, אני לא רוצה להיות רופא שיניים!

Spoken languages: English, Hebrew, or Russian

Length: 60-90 minutes